The Grace of Poor Health

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Physically, I have had a rough year.  I’ve been hit with the flu, a staph infection and now high blood pressure.  In fact, my blood pressure is so high that I could stroke out at any minute–that’s knowledge that will make you stop and reflect.

I always knew that, regardless of the current state of our health, we live solely by the grace of God but a doctor telling you that you could die at any moment carries this doctrine from the head to the heart.  In the shadow of the possibility of death, as a working pastor, you begin to re-examine what you are doing and why you are doing it. 

My poor health has not only increased the time I spend in prayer for selfish reasons but also forced me to bring my whole ministry before the throne and finally ask what needs to stay, what needs to go, what needs to begin and how will I approach each endeavor. 

In that sense, the reality of mortality, especially at  relatively young age, is truly grace for which I need to thank God.  The leadership at Revolution Church has begun to re-examine everything.  For example, it has forced us to ask if we are really transforming people or just putting on a show and if we want to do the former and not the latter how should we do it? And, if it means having to blow some things up, then so be it.    We may sack our morning service and scrap our paid marketing plans in order to focus on training initiatives like focusing on the Free Seminary on Sunday mornings instead. 

I panicked when I was told that I was in such poor health.  I have a wife and young son.  I do not want to die young.  I pray that God grants me the time see my son grow into adulthood.  But I thank God for the wake-up call and I hope and pray that I will preach like a dying man to dying people and become focused like a laser on evangelism and transformation instead of attendance and budgets. 

My health is poor but God is good.


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