Pastor Matt’s New Year Resolutions

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m actually pretty good at New Year’s resolutions but I rarely share them anyway.  However, it’s my day off and my family is taking a nap (I hate naps), so here it goes:

1. I’m going to write 2 books this year albeit both are going to be short–one is a look at the rise and fall of the “missional” movement and the other is about…well…zombies.  I will be pulling  Rick Warren type schedule (up at 5 a.m. every morning) to finish them both but I look forward to it.

2. I am cutting out 6/7 of the crud I eat.  I typically eat badly every day but not next year.  Saturdays are “Daddy Days” and I’m not going to punish my boy by making him snack on almonds and drink gallons of nothing but water and green tea but that will essentially be my week days.

3. I’m not buying anything for myself this year–no books (that will hurt), no downloads, etc.  I found my selfishness manifesting itself in the way I spend and it is time to reign in the beast.  Now, I must confess that I have a relationship with Zondervan and they send me free books to review but I still spent tons of cash trying to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak.  Not next year.

That’s it.  Not much of a list but these three will be hard enough to keep should the Lord give me another year of life. 

In the meantime, check back often.  We will be polishing off Grudem’s book this week and beginning the countdown to 2011 by discussing the best of 2010–best podcasts, best music, best TV shows, best movies and my ten favorite books of 2010. 

Stay tuned and thanks to all of the thousands of folks around the world who stopped by this year–even the dozens who left nasty comments that I had to delete. 

Grace and peace.

  1. Love the art and humor

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