Top 10 Podcasts of 2010

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am asked nearly every week to direct them to cool podcasts to download.  So, as I begin cranking out my OCD lists of favorites from 2010, I thought I’d rank my favorite podcasts from the last year. 

10. The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons.  The best sports podcast–just a couple of dudes who really know sports talking–best with a bag of fast food in your lap as you drive down a highway.

9. Cornerstone Church–Francis Chan.  Before Chan left the megachurch he founded to become a missionary in Asia, he was one of my favorite preachers to listen to thanks to his fairly unpolished passion for God’s Word.  I am glad that God has called him away from the evangelical cult of personality but I will miss hearing him on a regular basis. God bless, bro.

8. This American Life with Ira Glass.  I don’t like NPR.  I’m conservative and they’re BoBo’s (bougeious bohemians) who enjoy the very freedoms they tend to denigrate but I have to admit that I like This American Life.  I’m not a regular listener because it still hurts to subscribe to something that I personally hope Congress de-funds but everytime I do break down and listen to various stories wrapped around a theme.  The show’s host and producer, Ira Glass, is brilliant…but I still want him to get a real job one of these days.

7. Stuff You Should Know–one of the many edutainment venues from How Stuff Works, this is a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) podcast from two of How Stuff Works’ writers, Charles Bryant and Josh Clark cover everything from “Why We Can’t Find Emilia Earhart to How Circumcision Works.”  Always interesting.

6. You Look Nice Today–random frank & very un-p.c. conversations (normally over bottles of liquor) between friends that is rarely updated but worth looking out for because it is hilarious but not for sensitive ears.

5. The Relevant Podcast. The podcast from the folks at Relevant Magazine.  Not as good as it used to be now that Adam & Jesse don’t trade jabs but still worth the listen even though their cultural snobbery does become a bit much at times.

4. The Nerdist.  Another un-P.C. conversation that is NOT for sensitive ears but still very funny.

3. Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcasts.  I’m not a fan of Andy Stanley’s sermons (too fluffy, self-helpish) but his leadership stuff is very, very solid.  Both ministers and business leaders will benefit.

2. The Village.  Matt Chandler is a pimp.   He is possibly the best preacher working today and he ALWAYS manages to bring the message to the Gospel.  Don’t miss one sermon and continue to pray for his health as he battles cancer.

1. Redeemer Presbyterian Church (NYC).  You still have to pay for Tim Keller’s sermons (but they pay for great things like church planting) but Redeemer did release a bunch of them for free on iTunes and every one is worth downloading.  Keller may not have the style or humor that Chandler possesses but the content of his sermons are simply amazing.


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