10 Favorite TV Shows of 2010

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

In 2008, megachurch pastor and author Mark Driscoll advised a group of pastors in Columbus, Ohio to “watch a lot of TV” in order to know what is going on in the culture.  I took it as a word from God!  Here are my 10 favorite shows from 2010.  Be sure to check them out on Hulu or Netflix.

10.  Mad Men (AMC).  My favorite show from last year has taken a big tumble.  It is still well worth watching but the entire season felt like it was thrown together at the last-minute by writers who are just over it!

9. Modern Family (ABC).  I don’t want to like Modern Family–I think the gay couple (who is waaaay too into PDA this season) is the least funny part of the show and I think they push the stupid kid thing too much but funny is funny. 

8. Tosh.0 (Comedy Central).  So wrong, yet so funny.  I hope this bitter, foul-mouthed preacher’s kid comes around but, until then, he is friggin’ hysterical.

7. Right All Along (Fox News).  Britt Hume’s documentary about the modern conservative political movement was outstanding.  It will soon be released on DVD and you should definitely catch it.

6. 30 Rock (NBC).  My favorite sit-come bounced back after a weak season last year.  Oh, Jack Donaghy, why can’t you be real!  You are my political hero!

5. The Walking Dead (AMC).  I had high hopes for this one but the pace was a bit slow and the acting rather stale…however, it’s a weekly show about the zombie apocalypse…Score!

4. God in America (PBS).  The documentary about religion in the U.S. was certainly left leaning (what do you expect from PBS?) but was still very well done. 

3. Fringe (Fox).  I was slow to warm up to what I first referred to as X-Files 90210 but it has surprised me.  Unfortunately, it may not be renewed for another season.

2. Breaking Bad (AMC).  The 3rd season of a high school chemistry teacher turned meth producer after a cancer diagnosis grew on me.  Arguably, it is now the best written and produced drama on television.

1. Ken Burns’ Baseball–Extra Innings (PBS).  Burns’ update to his classic documentary on the American pastime was worth the wait. Dare I say it…another home run!

Honorable Mention: The Colbert Report (Comedy Central); The Office (NBC); The Big Bang Theory (CBS); Cougar Town (ABC); and The Middle (ABC).


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