Favorite Music from 2010

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

My 10 favorite albums from 2010.  Check them out:

10. A Short Collection of Songs by Caleb Hickerson.  The best worship artists you haven’t heard of…but will.  He didn’t even include his best song on this one and it is still great.  Produced by my bro, Ryan Rolfe. Check it out at his Myspace page.

9. Sea of Cowards by The Dead Weather.  It just seems like whatever Jack White touches turns to awesomeness. 

8. Heaven is Wherever by The Hold Steady.  Doesn’t hold a candle to their earlier stuff and is still great…what does that tell you.

7. Order of the Black by Black Label Society.  The best metal album of the year with monster riffs. 

6. Wake Up! by John Legend & The Roots.  1970’s soul covers from these guys? Pure genius.

5. The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.  The album didn’t live up to the hype but how could it? Yet, it is another great offering from a band that may have its best years ahead of it.

4. Brothers by The Black Keys.  Snarky alt. indie blues? They pull it off. 

3. The Medicine by John Mark McMillan.  The best worship album of the year.  Some of these songs, like “Death in His Grave” will undoubtedly be sung in heaven!

2. Who Can Know It? by Showbread.  I didn’t want to like this album if for no other reason than the lyrics to their song “The Myth of a Christian Nation” anger me but, unfortunately, it is a great song as are all of them.  Ditching the scream-o, growing up and embracing alt. indie rock works well for Showbread.

1. Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons. Nothing but pure celtic-folk-alt. country-blues-punk-bluesgrass awesomeness.  Think if the Sex Pistols only had access to banjoes and mandolins and acoustic guitars!

Honorable mention: Live Under the Great White Northern Lights by The Whites Stripes; Rehab by Lecrae Treats by Sleigh Bells and The Final Frontier by Iron Maiden.

  1. Zach says:

    Proud to see Mumford & Sons, as well as the Black Keys, on the list.

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