Theology & “Easy A”

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

The film “Easy A” stars the compelling Emma Stone as a high school girl who is all but a social non-entity until she agrees to pretend to have sex with a number of loveable losers in a kind-hearted attempt to bolster their reputations.  In the end, however, despite her good intentions, Emma’s character is ostracized.  The two-dimensional, hypocritical caricatures of Christians immediately blast her as a “harlot” and the rest of the school looks at her only as a means to an end. Yet, she overcomes adversity, with the help of hip parents and an understanding love interest.

The movie is crisply written, well-acted and wholly misses the point.

It is easy to see why the judgmental fundamentalists diss Emma’s character, (even though in true Hollywood fashion they never ask how someone who truly understands grace would react) but the film never explores why non-Christians fail to embrace her.  It does feign a cheap, “everyone just needs to mind their own business” moral but that doesn’t hold up.  Anyone living in the real world knows that there isn’t a real reason for someone to keep quiet after having casual sex with another unless it just to have more casual sex with that person. 

The movie failed to explore the obvious ramifications for a person who supposedly freely gives her body away (and I use “her” because there is an obvious cultural double-standard), which is that she establishes herself as nothing but a piece of meat.  One may throw bumper sticker slogans around all day about “respect” and “dignity” and “privacy” and “rights” but they ultimately are hollow because they are rooted in nothing.  If one rejects God and His Gospel that ultimately restores the image and likeness of the divine in a person then we are nothing but products of favorable genetic mutations. 

Respect and redemption and intimately intertwined.

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