Preparing to Read Through God, Revelation & Authority

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

This year at the Pastor Matt blog, we will be reading through Carl F. H. Henry’s 6-volume evangelical masterpiece God, Revelation & Authority.  Although the work was hailed as a triumph upon its publication, it has been thoroughly neglected over the last 27-years since volume six was published in 1983.  Some of this is based on the attack by more “progressive” evangelicals that Henry and those like him tried to incorporate too much “modernistic reasoning” into the “paradox of theology.” But some of this has to do with the difficulty in reading volume 1, which assumes a fair bit of knowledge about theology & philosophy. 

Ironically, Henry deals with the former objection in the work itself but the latter is a fair complaint. Thus, I would recommend 2 very good introductions to Henry and his thought.  The first is Bob Patterson’s work on Henry for the Makers of Modern Theology series and the second is the wonderful new book Carl Henry Theologian for All Seasons: An Introduction and Guide to Carl Henry’s God, Revelation and Authority by G. Wright Doyle (Pickwick Publications 2010).

Both of these works, but especially the latter, will benefit you greatly should you choose to join us in this long overdue summary and analysis of a modern theological masterpiece.

Be sure to pick up all 6-volumes of God, Revelation & Authority as soon as possible.  Paperback copies and e-editions via Logos Bible Software are available and you can hardback copies frequently sold used on Ebay.


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