A Consumer or a Disciple?

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

“A consumer is NOT a disciple and a disciple is not a consumer.

Consumerism reflects what Jesus came to call people out of.  It’s exactly the opposite of what Jesus is telling us to go and make.  When we get face to face with Jesus,

-he’s never going to ask us how many churchgoers we called our own or how good our programs, preaching or presentations were.

-he’s not going to ask for your church budget or care how many friends you had on Facebook.

-he’ll not be interested in how many blog hits you had or sermons downloaded.

-he’s not going to evaluate how many staff we served with or how many inner-city ministries we supported.

-he won’t tell us that we picked the right form of church strategy to try or reference how relevant or culturally savvy our posture was.

The only thing he’s going to ask you about your performance (or what he would call your “faithfulness”) will be based on a very simple measurement:

Did you do all that you could with what I gave you to make people like me?

-Hugh Halter and Matt Smay “AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church” pp. 75-76 (Zondervan: 2010).


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