Pastor Matt Recommends–“Following Jesus, The Servant King”by Jonathan Lunde

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Zondervan debuted the Biblical Theology for Life series last year with the outstanding The Mission of God’s People by Christopher Wright (Zondervan 2010).  The stated goal of Wright and the ensuing volumes are as follows:

The Biblical Theology for Life Series brings groundbreaking academic study of the Bible along side contemporary contextualization and proclamation.  Each volume, written by a leading biblical scholar, traces the development of a theological theme in Scripture and addresses the relevance of the Bible’s teaching to pastors, church leaders, students and lay leaders.

The Mission of God’s People was a wonderful summary and practical application of Wright’s massive and influential work The Mission of God (IVP 2006), which located Genesis 12:1-3, the blessing of the nation’s through the heirs of Abraham culminating in the life, death and resurrection of Christ, as central to the understanding of Scripture. 

Following Jesus, The Servant King: A Biblical Theology of Covenant Discipleship by Jonathan Lunde (Zondervan 2010) is the second volume in the series and is a worthy successor to Wright’s work.

While Wright set forth Biblical theology at a balcony level view, Lunde digs down in to unpack what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  He poses three crucial questions:

1)“Why should I be concerned to obey all of Jesus commands if I have been saved by grace?”

2) “What is it that Jesus demands of his disciples?”

3) “How can the disciple obey Jesus’ high demand, while experiencing his ‘yoke’ as ‘light’ and ‘easy’?”

Spoiler alert!  The continuous experience of grace is key!

Lunde has a nice writing style and this work will help any pastor or teacher unpack the apparent tension between grace and obedience for their congregation or students.  Lunde is especially adept at explaining the various covenants found in Scripture.  For example, if you are a preacher or teacher who has struggled how to treat the ethical demands of the Old Testament than Lunde will be an invaluable contribution to your library.

I recommend both Wright and Lunde for every pastor, teacher, seminary student or studious lay leader and I hope that where will be a volume three!


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