Tim Challies’ Review of Love Wins Is Up at Challies.com

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Uber blogger Tim Challies has reviewed an advanced copy of Rob Bell’s Love Wins.  Challies confirms the NY Times review that Bell does propose a form of universalism and that he calls those who hold to an evangelical view of salvation “toxic.” 

Take time to read the review here:


I have pre-ordered the book and will review it next week.  If Challies and the NY Times are right, then I will certainly strongly disagree with Bell.  Some will be upset that I am pre-judging Bell’s argument but, as scholar and Jesus Creed blogger Scot McKnight himself has said, Bell will say nothing new because these issues have been debated for centuries. 

That being said, I pray that this will lead to a graceful debate and incite pastors to clarify their views on this very important doctrine. 

Bell is right that Love Wins but how and what that means obviously needs to be discussed.


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