Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here’s what’s happening on the “interweb” that the kids are all crazy about these days:

1. David French addresses whether evangelicals are “obsessed” with abortion and homosexuality.


2. Kevin DeYoung has an in-depth (and I mean in-depth) review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, which I’ve heard drops tomorrow but I’m not quite sure the book truly exists.  Would a loving publisher really subject people to it? 


3. Speaking of Rob Bell, he will stream a live overview of Love Wins complete with Q&A tonight in NYC.


4.   Alex Speaks celebrates “Pi Day” (3-14)…I prefer pie day myself.


5. Two of my favorite people in the world, Shawn and Jenn DeAtley have a new website and are preparing to return to west Africa to plant churches.  Check out their site and them to your prayer list.


Also, this week on this blog, we dig into the real fun parts of Carl Henry’s God, Revelation and Authority, review Rob Bell’s Love Wins and  a new DVD curriculum from the folks at Zondervan and ask if evangelicals like myself have missed an important component to baptism.

Check back often and have a great week.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Matt

  1. These are some great articles! Thanks for pointing people to my blog =)

  2. I especially like the article “Are Christians Obsessed With Gays and Abortion?”

    It reminds me of a recent interview I saw from Tim Keller where he was talking to a reporter about how when a doctor leaves a very lucrative practice to go work for free in Africa it doesn’t get press (even though stuff like that happens all the time). The secular reporter told a story about how Pat Robertson’s people were some of the first to be on the ground after Katrina hit and he mentioned how one sided it is that when he says something crazy Pat gets put all over the news, but when he feeds and clothes thousands of suffering people it’s barely mentioned.

    Good stuff

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