Birth of Freedom DVD Curriculum

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Zondervan has been on a roll when it comes to producing small group DVD curriculum and The Birth of Freedom is a fine addition to their roster. 

The Birth of Freedom argues that Christianity has generally been a force for good in history.  Scholars from various disciplines assert that the faith was the driving force behind the end of slavery, many, if not most, technological advances that pushed western civilization forward and ensured true liberty in nations such as the United States. 

The Birth of Freedom is broken down into 7 sessions (“A Civilization without Slaves,” “The Quest for Political Freedom,” “The Myth of the Dark Ages,” “Pilgrim’s Progress,” “The Abolitionists,” “A Tale of Two Revolutions,” and “Relativism vs. Religion”) with helpful optional Q&A mini-sessions offered after each chapter.

If there is a flaw it is that host Dave Stott is a bit hokey at times and that’s a shame because younger Christians often look for any reason to dismiss anything from the political right.   For example, Stott sings “Born Free,” which most people under 30 associate with Kid Rock rather than the ’70’s family film.

If you can overlook that minor flaw than The Birth of Freedom is a good tool for any evangelical church’s small group ministry.


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