Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

What a week!  Massive hits thanks largely to the Rob Bell controversy.  I finished Love Wins and found it to be an enjoyable but frustrating read.  Aside from Rob Bell, there were a number of other things happening around the interweb. 

1. I recently raised the question as to when a person should step out on faith financially and Alex Speaks took it to a different level over at Alex Speaks (http://alexspeaks.com/).  Please join the conversation.

2. Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed has asked if evangelicalism is breaking into two camps–the neo-reformed and progressives with the former purging their ranks and the latter merging into mainline Protestantism.  It quickly generated more than 100 comments.  Check it out here: http://www.patheos.com/community/jesuscreed/2011/03/18/a-tipping-point/

3. My friend Ben Pickett has been wrestling with ministry to the least among us.  You can read about it here: http://benpicketthome.wordpress.com/

4. I like Kyle Roberts’ thoughts on confession and the fine film “Get Low.” You can find it here:  http://www.patheos.com/Resources/Additional-Resources/Should-Evangelicals-Revive-Confession-Kyle-Roberts-03-08-2011.html

5. Finally, my beloved brother and sister in Christ, Shawn and Jenn DeAtley are headed back to serve the kingdom in west Africa. Prayers are appreciated and you can follow them here: http://shawnandjenn.com/

Be sure to check out the Pastor Matt blog this week for more of Carl Henry’s God, Revelation and Authority, a discussion of how churches need to deal with the rampant number of brothers and sisters who struggle with emotional difficulties; a review of John Dickson’s great book The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission and a sneak peek of what to expect with the re-launch of the Pastor Matt blog with a discussion of one my favorite theological topics–zombies.

Have a blessed week and Go UK!

Grace and peace,

  1. Thanks so much for thinking of us! We appreciate the prayers. We look forward to keeping up with this blog, and what’s happening at Rev from over here in Senegal.

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